September 29, 2006



Hakol Chai has hosted a number of adoption days for puppies rescued from towns across northern Israel during the recent conflict. Many puppies have gone to new homes, but more are still waiting.

Photos from Our Adoption Days
Photos from our adoption days

Watch a video clip of one of our adoption days.

Spaying and Neutering Our Puppies Before Adoption

CHAI/Hakol Chai is committed to preventing the overpopulation of dogs and cats that results in so much suffering. To alter the puppies we rescued from the north before placing them in their new homes, we invited early-age spay/neuter expert, U.S. veterinarian Raphael Gilbert, DVM, to Israel.

Our puppies are spayed and neutered before adoption CHAI Advisory Board member Paula Kislak, DVM, first taught early-age spay/neuter (at 6-8 weeks) in Israel in 1998, and she also wrote an article on this subject for Israel's Journal of Veterinary Medicine. This practice is crucial in preventing the birth of more puppies and kittens for whom there are no homes.


Jessie is reunited with her family In addition to working hard to find new homes for the many animals abandoned during the crisis, we are also reuniting lost animals with their families.

The family of Jessie, a Weimaraner, left her with relatives when they evacuated. Not long afterwards, the relatives also decided to evacuate, and they left her with neighbors. When the neighbors evacuated, Jessie was on the street - alone, dehydrated, and starving. She tried to enter a bomb shelter but was badly beaten. Caring people who saw what happened called Hakol Chai's hotline, and Jessie was rescued and treated by a vet. After the conflict, Hakol Chai managed to locate Jessie's family, for a joyous reunion.

Thank You!

To everyone who helped make our rescue efforts during the recent crisis possible, we send our best wishes and heartfelt gratitude. Thanks to you, thousands of lives were saved.

We still have much work ahead to find responsible, caring homes for the many remaining puppies, and to spay/neuter and educate so if there is a next time, fewer animals will suffer.

All photos: Eli Atias
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