December 19, 2005
Dear CHAI Member,

Israel's Supreme Court agrees to hear CHAI's case
to stop gambling on horse racing!

Neglected racehorse and foal find sanctuary On September 18, 2005, CHAI's attorneys filed a petition in Israel's Supreme Court, asking the Court to prevent the government from constructing two race tracks intended to mark the entry of gambling on horse racing to Israel. Of 20 cases filed that day, CHAI's was the only one the Court agreed to hear. The hearing is scheduled for July.

CHAI's case is based on the grounds that, in violation of the Animal Protection Law, the government failed to consider the welfare of horses when it reached its decision to build the tracks and permit gambling. Building the tracks is the government's first step toward legalizing gambling on racing in Israel. Until now, only the national lottery and the soccer pool have been legal.

Our fight has attracted widespread media attention in Israel.

Articles appeared in the country's two largest newspapers and on their websites, in Globes, Israel's business newspaper, on two TV stations, several radio stations and internet news sites, in The Jerusalem Post newspaper, the internationally read Jerusalem Report magazine, as well as in an Arab newspaper and on an Arab radio station. A TV station is currently preparing a documentary on the subject. Newspapers in the U.S. and other countries also reported on the issue.

If you have not already done so, please sign our petition against this cruel industry gaining a foothold in Israel.

Horse racing cruelties include thousands bred annually, the fastest chosen to race, the rest killed; catastrophic injuries in training and racing, causing suffering and death; horses drugged so they can race even when injured, compounding their injuries; bleeding in the lungs, heart problems, and chronic ulcers. When they are no longer fast enough (at about 6, though non-race Thoroughbreds can live to 25), they are sent to slaughter or sold into a downward spiral of abuse.

Just last week in Israel a horse died during a race. We must stop this before it expands into a full-blown racing industry, where injuries and deaths will be commonplace.

Visit our website to learn more about CHAI's battle to stop horse racing in Israel.

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Happy Endings Made Possible by You

The cost of rescuing over 150 animals during the disengagement from Gaza and the West Bank, boarding them, providing them with veterinary care, and advertising to find homes for them, has been enormous. Our team worked hard and saved many lives, placing most of the animals. We continue to care for and to work to place the few remaining animals who have not yet found homes.

Luce before and after   

Luce, "light," rescued from Gaza at just 3 weeks old, was adopted by an Italian volunteer. He writes that Luce "is very healthy and growing very fast, though almost blind in the right eye, probably because of an infection she had when we found her. It doesn't prevent her from being very wild but also very sweet. She likes chewing on my ears when I am asleep."

Visit our website to learn more about CHAI's animal rescue in the Territories.

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Our Wishlist
  • Surgical suture and drugs for our mobile spay/neuter clinic. If your veterinarian is willing to donate either, please contact us and we will provide specifics.
  • $400 for a basic Dell PC.
  • $570 for a refurbished Apple Macintosh.

Yours for a more compassionate world,

Nina Natelson
CHAI - Concern for Helping Animals in Israel

Phone: 703-370-0333


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