January 9, 2008  




Because the bill that will legalize gambling on horse racing in Israel is about to be introduced in the Knesset, it is of the utmost importance that all who condemn the barbaric racing industry make their voices heard.

Please write to the Ministers of Justice, Environmental Protection, and Agriculture, and also to the Chairman of the Education, Culture, and Sports Committee in the Knesset, expressing your strong objections to the establishment of a horse racing industry and the introduction of legalized betting on horses in Israel.
Sample Letter

I respectfully urge you to prevent the development of horse racing, as well as gambling on horse racing, in Israel.
Cruelty and corruption are an inherent part of this industry that is based on greed. Wherever racing exists, there is animal exploitation. The cruelties include the annual breeding of thousands of colts, most of whom will be killed because they are not fast enough; catastrophic injuries from being trained and raced at just two years old, when they are fastest but before their bones have hardened; widespread drugging to enhance performance so they can run even while injured; bleeding in the lungs and heart attacks, both of which can be fatal; and chronic ulcers.
In addition to the suffering and death of thousands of horses,
racing will cause social welfare problems as a consequence of gambling. The planned infrastructure will also lead to the further destruction of the environment.
Please keep Israel free of the cruelty and corruption that inevitably accompany the racing industry.


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Please write to the following officials:
Daniel Friedmann
Minister of Justice
29 Salah A-din St., Jerusalem 91490, Israel
Fax: 02-6285438
Tel: 02-6466527
Gideon Ezra
Minister of Environmental Protection
5 Kanfei Nesharim St., Givat Shaul, P.O. Box 34033, Jerusalem 95464, Israel
Fax: 02-6535958
Tel: 02-6553701/2
Rabbi Michael Melchior
Chairman, Education, Culture, and Sports Committee
The Knesset, HaKiryah, Jerusalem 91950, Israel
Fax: 02-6753986
Tel: 02-6753986
Shalom Simhon
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
HaKirya HaHaklait, P.O. Box 30, Beit-Dagan 50250, Israel
Fax: 03-9485835
Tel: 03-9485800


Lethal experiments are now part of racehorse suffering
Worldwide, thousands of racehorses die or are killed every year: during races, during training, or because they are not fast enough. Instead of reducing the unnatural pressure on the animals that causes broken backs and legs, heart attacks, burst blood vessels, gastric ulcers, and bleeding lungs (exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage), the industry sponsors lethal experiments on the animals, supposedly to learn why racehorses suffer and die from injury and illness, though the reasons are blatantly obvious.
The experiments include deliberately infecting horses with devastating viruses, subjecting pregnant animals to abdominal surgery so they subsequently abort their young, deliberately underfeeding them, and subjecting newborn foals to stress experiments. Most of these invasive procedures end with the horses being killed. The industry attempts to justify this cruelty with the immoral notion that some should suffer so many can benefit, when the high level of injuries and developmental problems the experiments pretend to address is purely the result of industry greed and callousness.
Information courtesy of Animal Aid, England

Although most people assume the horses can't possibly win against powerful money interests, CHAI continues the fight against establishing racing in Israel. Our campaign has been expensive; please help us show that compassion can be stronger than greed. Stop this grotesque industry from gaining a foothold.



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Yours for a more compassionate world,

Nina Natelson

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