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December 2011  

Campaign to Halt Horse Racing Plan Gains Momentum

Cruelty In Jaffa Exposed

We Need YOUR Help to Translate Our Extensive Curriculum

Farewell to a Loyal Friend


Campaign to Halt Horse Racing Plan Gains Momentum


CHAI's campaign to halt the Ministry of Agriculture's plan to bring gambling on horse racing to Israel, waged through its sister charity in Israel, Hakol Chai, has gained the backing of a coalition of environmental, anti-gambling, religious, and other citizens' groups in Israel. The coalition adds the voice of many to Hakol Chai's demands and expands the anti-racing arguments to appeal to a broader segment of the public. Environmental groups are concerned about the negative effects on the environment of this industry, including the enormous quantity of water that it requires, especially at a time when a global water shortage is looming and Israel is experiencing the worst water shortage in its history.


Following a blitz of online and print articles and radio interviews about the cruelty and corruption of the industry (see, Agriculture Minister, Orit Noked, the plan’s backer, agreed to meet with Hakol Chai representatives. At the meeting, Hakol Chai notified her that opposition to the plan is building strength and presented her with a petition bearing thousands of signatures against the industry coming to Israel.


"Greed has trumped the health of horses" declared Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Chair of the U.S. Congressional committee that held hearings on the widespread drugging of horses, high number of breakdowns, deaths, and the cruelties and corruption that no laws of any country have been able to stop. Israel's Ministry of Agriculture plans to exempt race horses from the Animal Protection Law to make the cruelties legal so no one can stop them.


Photo:  Animal Aid


A U.S. Jockey Club-commissioned study found that only 22% of Americans think favorably about racing, and if current trends continue, its fan base will drop 64% by 2020 and horse owners will lose 50% of their income. The cost of feeding, vetting and maintaining a Thoroughbred far exceeds the average annual earnings from racing the horse.


If the Knesset votes to promote gambling on racing, Israel will have to either enter the horse slaughter business, since as many horses leave racing as enter it annually, or enter the cruel live-transport trade as other countries are ending it, shipping horses to European dinner plates. Either is a gruesome prospect.


Chief Sephardic Rabbi Moshe Amar issued a ruling (psak) banning Jews from working in the industry or attending races because the cruelties violate tsa'ar ba'alei chayyim (Jewish law against causing unnecessary suffering to animals), the slaughtering violates bal taschit (Jewish law against wanton destruction), and gambling is prohibited because it enriches one at the expense of another.


Please donate generously to our campaign to stop this cruel industry from gaining a foothold in Israel. Send your generous tax-deductible donations to CHAI, POB 3341, Alexandria, VA 22302, or donate through our website:



Cruelty In Jaffa Exposed


Hakol Chai found goats, chickens, ducks, sheep and a donkey, all in bad condition, locked in small, crowded and filthy enclosures outside a private residence in Jaffa, the old part of Tel Aviv. The donkey was bound tightly to the front gate in an unnatural and painful position and was unable to move.


Photo:  Hakol Chai


Pigeons were also being kept for slaughtering, in violation of the law. Immediately, they reported the situation to authorities, but when officials from the city and the Veterinary Services arrived on the scene, the Tel Aviv police ordered them to take no action and to leave, on the grounds that the area is crime-ridden and dangerous, including to police officers. Incredibly, all officials walked away, leaving the animals to suffer.


Hakol Chai notified a Tel Aviv newspaper, which printed an exposé about the incident entitled "No Man’s Land." When interviewed by the reporter, the police claimed that they had responded to the complaint and ordered the owner to clean up the property, which was a complete fiction. Hakol Chai protested the police’s failure to act to the police official in charge of animal cruelty complaints at the national level and to the Veterinary Services’ official responsible for enforcing the Animal Protection Law. Pressure on the police by these officials resulted in a Hakol Chai representative being summoned to testify about the situation. Based on their response to the testimony, we will consider what legal action we can take against the police for failure to perform its duties and for failing to act in a clear case of animal cruelty.


Photo:  Hakol Chai


You can help stop this abuse! Please write to:

Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv

69 Even Gvirol Street, Kikar Rabin

Tel Aviv 64162, Israel

(Postage to Israel is $1.82)

Mayor Huldai’s fax number: (011) (972) (3) 521-6597


Please also write to:

Menachem Leibe, the Manager of the Tel Aviv municipality:

and to the city’s spokesperson:



We Need YOUR Help to Translate Our Extensive Curriculum


How can we encourage young people to care for and preserve nature and animals instead of destroying or enslaving them?


Credit: Warren Gebert


One important way is to demonstrate how much nature has to teach us, as we do in our extensive curriculum for schools, through examples from biomimicry, the new science of learning from nature.


All native cultures have survived by having the humility to "ask the bears and wolves and ravens and redwoods for guidance," says Janine Benyus, author of Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature. "All our inventions have already appeared in nature in a more elegant form and at a lot less cost to the planet."


Scientists are finally understanding that after 3.8 billion years of evolution, nature and animals know best. Biomimicry scientists look to nature’s engineers—living organisms—for solutions and copy them. Nature operates according to laws and strategies that create conditions in which life can prosper, while building soil or cleaning air and water, for example, actions that preserve the planet for future generations.


How do termites maintain a constant, comfortable temperature and humidity inside their nest without air conditioning or heating, despite outside temperatures of 35-104 degrees? Architects copied their ventilation systems when designing an office complex in Zimbabwe and found that the buildings stay cool without air conditioning and use only 10% of the energy of conventional buildings of the same size.


How do 80 million locusts fly within one square kilometer (0.4 square mile), but never collide, while humans have 3.6 million car collisions a year in the U.S. alone? Engineers are studying their sensing/responding neurons to create collision avoidance circuitry for cars.


How would nature attach one thing to another without zippers? A Swiss engineer noticed burrs on his pants and his dog’s fur after a day hiking in the Alps. He studied the burrs and created Velcro.


What if blind people had the ability of bats to echolocate objects around them? Designers copied bats’ ultrasonic vibrations to construct a cane for the blind. The cane emits waves that sense objects, and vibrating sensors on the handle tell the person their size and location.


How do butterfly wings and lotus plants stay clean without detergents and scrubbing? Scientists and engineers are copying their techniques to create outdoor paints that need only a rain shower to keep a building looking freshly painted.


Please help us encourage youth to respect animals and the natural world and encourage them to participate in helping and protecting it. Contribute to the cost of translating our extensive curriculum of over 100 lesson plans categorized by grade and subject, fact sheets, resource lists and more. Our conference co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education will be coming up soon, and we must have the curriculum translated, printed and ready for distribution.


Please send your tax-deductible donations to CHAI, POB 3341, Alexandria, VA 22302, , or donate through our website:



Farewell to a Loyal Friend


British-born Olive Nash was CHAI’s very first member and a dedicated supporter and contributor throughout her life. She volunteered in the office, staffed outreach tables at conferences, attended demonstrations, wrote letters to Israeli government officials and fostered countless animals.




While we were campaigning to gain the right for donated animal ambulances to enter Israel on the same customs and tax-free basis as ambulances for humans, she frequently drove the ambulance we sought to contribute around the highway that encircles Washington, D.C. to keep the tires and battery in good working condition until we won the struggle and could ship the ambulance to a shelter in Israel. When we were ready to ship our large mobile spay/neuter clinic to Israel, Olive drove it over an hour away to the port in Baltimore.


She will be remembered for her fine character, high spirits, flawless work ethic, and boundless compassion.



Have you provided for your legacy into the future?


A bequest to CHAI is a strong statement of your concern for animals. Please plan now so that your kindness will continue into the future.


CHAI can be named as beneficiary of life insurance policies, bonds and other securities, houses, and trusts. Securities can be willed to CHAI with the provision that you will continue to receive interest from them throughout your lifetime. Real estate can be willed to CHAI with the provision that the owner can remain in the house throughout his or her lifetime.


For details, see Planned Giving on our website. Check with your lawyer, estate planner, or financial advisor for additional assistance and advice, or call us. Be sure that your attorney or bank has a copy of your will.


On behalf of the animals, we thank you!


Please donate to CHAI and Hakol Chai. Send your tax-deductible donations to:
CHAI, POB 3341, Alexandria, VA 22302, USA, or donate through our website.



Yours for a more compassionate world,

Nina Natelson


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