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December 11, 2013  

Follow Up to CHAI’s E-alert about Gambling on Racing in Israel:
Your Protest Letters Are Needed

In response to requests we received following the e-alert CHAI sent about the Minister of Culture and Sport's decision to permit Israelis to gamble on horse races in the UK, we are providing contact information for the Minister and a sample letter. Please send polite letters only. Thank you for writing!

Limor Livnat
Minister of Culture and Sport
14 Hamasger Street, Tel Aviv, Israel 67776
Fax: 972-2-6496406

Sample letter:

Dear Minister Livnat,
Please reverse your decision to allow Israelis to gamble on horse races in the U.K. Regardless of where the betting takes place, permitting gambling on racing promotes the cruelties inherent in this industry that exploits horses out of greed. The cruelties include:

  • Born to die—thousands bred annually, a few fastest picked out to race, most of the rest sent to slaughter.

  • Trained and raced at just 2, when they are fastest, but before their bones have hardened, many suffer catastrophic injuries and must be euthanized.

  • Drugged to enhance performance and cover up injuries, which in the long run, causes greater damage.

  • Bleeding in the lungs from being pushed beyond their limits, which can be fatal; heart attacks, and chronic ulcers.

  • When not racing, horses are confined to a stall for up to 23 hours a day.

  • Though the normal lifespan of a Thoroughbred is 25 years, the majority of young horses who are not fast enough to win races are sent to slaughter or sold from hand to hand in a downward spiral of abuse.

In hearings held by the U.S. Congress about the widespread drugging of horses and the high number of catastrophic injuries and deaths, all supervisory authorities, including state racing commissions, reported that they have been powerless to control the corruption and deaths inherent in this industry.
Judaism forbids gambling because it enriches one at the expense of another. Society pays a very high price for gambling. An estimated 4 million compulsive or problem gamblers in the U.S. cost the country $32.4–53.8 billion annually in bankruptcies, gambling-related crime, spouse and child abuse, child neglect, foreclosures and suicide. A single bankruptcy directly affects 17 individuals, and gamblers who commit crimes end up in prison and out of the workforce. In the U.K., 500,000 people are problem gamblers, and the Parliament is considering legislation to deal with the problem.
Israel can find a way to earn money in other ways than by exploiting and abusing innocent animals. Please reverse your decision to exploit sensitive, intelligent animals for greed.


Yours for a more compassionate world,

Nina Natelson


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