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March 2012  

A Horse Named Joey

Bill Introduced into Knesset

Education in Arab Schools


A Horse Named Joey





Hakol Chai Rescues Another Neglected, Starved Horse
February 2012 — Photos: Hakol Chai


Tied up in a yard littered with rusty metal and garbage, Joey was left to starve to death. Once he pulled a cart through the heavily trafficked streets of Tel Aviv, but malnutrition kept him too small and frail for the heavy loads. Every bone protruded from his skin.


An ill-fitting bridle rubbing against his face caused a fungus infection, the metal bit in his mouth carved permanent scars into both sides of his mouth, and abscesses on his feet swelled up where an infection had gone untreated.


In a deep depression and obvious physical pain, a week of being given proper food passed before he was able to expel the rope, plastic, and netting he had eaten out of desperation. Thanks to CHAI's Israeli sister charity, Hakol Chai, today he has real food and fresh water daily, his wounds have been treated by a veterinarian, and no one will ever harm him again.


Joey had never seen grass. Led out into a field of knee-high grass for the first time, he lowered his head to smell this strange new stuff and his eyes lit up. He nibbled on a few blades, then burst into leap of joy, bucking several times before settling down to eat. Gradually, the depression is ebbing and when a little Welsh pony trotted up to him to be introduced, he didn't fail to notice that she was a girl.


Many other horses like Joey are suffering in Jaffa, the old part of Tel Aviv. Please donate to our efforts to expose their abuse, get them help, and stop the terrible phenomenon of horse-drawn carts forced to drive through busy city streets.


Please write to the Mayor and to other Tel Aviv municipal officials, asking them to inspect the condition of horses kept in Jaffa and to enforce regulations prohibiting their abuse:


Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv

69 Even Gvirol Street, Kikar Rabin

Tel Aviv 64162, Israel

(Postage to Israel is $1.82)

Mayor Huldai's email address:

Mayor Huldai's fax number: (011) (972) (3) 521-6597


Menachem Leibe, the Manager of the Tel Aviv Municipality:


Tel Aviv Spokesperson:




Bill Introduced into Knesset


These banners, created by Hakol Chai and mounted outside the Knesset on Animal Rights Day for all who entered or exited the Knesset to see, proclaim:


"The jockey won, the horse died. Say NO to horseracing in Israel!"

"Minister of Agriculture, the racehorses are counting on you! Do not bet on their life!"


Photo:  Hakol Chai


In honor of Animal Rights Day in the Knesset, February 28th, on behalf of CHAI's sister charity in Israel, Hakol Chai, Knesset Member Yoel Hasson, Chair of the Knesset Pro-Animal Caucus created by Hakol Chai, introduced a bill that would amend the Animal Welfare Act to prohibit gambling on any sport involving animals, including horse racing. The bill was co-sponsored by eight Knesset members from different political parties.


MK Hasson's speech introducing the bill was aired on the TV channel that covers issues in the Knesset and was written about in several articles, among them an article in Ha'aretz, the newspaper of intellectuals. (See Contentious Gallop). Following are among KM Hasson's comments upon introducing the bill:

Horse racing and gambling on horses…are the clearest example of animal abuse...anyone who knows what the horses go through in these competitions, before the race and after the race; anyone who knows the way these horses are treated in order to make them faster… they undergo mistreatment…really terrible things....what exactly does it contribute?...Is it amusement? Is abusing animals in this way pleasurable?


I want to support Amutat Hakol Chai, which is leading the fight against starting this thing called horse racing in Israel, or racing any other animals...There is no benefit to it, there is nothing in it that will make us a better society...once they bet on gladiators, on human beings fighting each other, and people bet on who would be left alive. We've stopped doing that, right?...There is nothing worse than this for the horse. Nothing…I hope this day will move us forward in everything to do with animal welfare in Israel, and that we will not be seeing horse racing in Israel.

The bill states that a person may not exploit an animal for the purpose of gambling. Following is an excerpt from the explanation accompanying the bill:

The use of animals for gambling…lacks any ethical purpose and is fundamentally immoral. Animals in the gambling industry suffer from diseases, doping, injuries and early death. They are turned into machines, pushed to the limit of their ability in any possible way. Unlike participation in a competition on which bets cannot be placed, the financial consideration is the only factor underlying gambling contests. In this way, the animal becomes a means of production, something to 'use and discard,' and there is inherent exploitation and abuse.


Restrictive legislation is ineffective. Regulatory attempts in other countries to restrict this cruelty have have not been able to prevent the abuses, since the regulator cannot control it and it is not possible to safeguard the welfare of the exploited animals.


The use of animals for the purpose of gambling offers fertile ground for criminal elements, for whom it provides a broad field of action in which they can cheat and bias the results in many different ways. Crime and violence are an inseparable part of these events, and cannot be prevented. The development of the gambling subculture, and the exploitation of the weakness of poor people who believe in the dream of getting rich quick, or those who are addicted to gambling, add to the unethical nature of this activity.


Gambling games and spectacles for humans to watch, based on purely financial interests, come at the expense of the health and spirit of the animal. Animals used in the gambling industry are nothing more than a tool to serve those who are stronger than them and who wish to make a profit at the expense of their suffering, for pure entertainment and greed.




Education in Arab Schools


On April 1-2, 70 teachers, principals, assistant principals, and counselors from 13 Christian Arab schools in Israel will attend CHAI's humane education conference "Expanding the Circle of Compassion," where they will be introduced, for the first time, to humane values through lesson plans, interactive activities, and other materials created by CHAI. Arab areas are among the worst for animals in Israel, as a result of a lack of education on this topic. We are excited to be planting seeds of compassion in these areas.



Photo:  Hakol Chai


The conference marks the beginning of a pilot program in the Arab school system. If successful, education officials have agreed to expand the program to every Christian Arab school in the country. Christian schools are known for their outstanding reputation and Muslim as well as Christian Arab families are eager to enroll their students in these schools.


We need your help with the expenses of this groundbreaking conference and with supervising the implementation of this vital program in Arab schools.


Please support CHAI's efforts to bring about a better world for Israel's animals in the Knesset, in schools, and on the ground. Send your generous, tax-deductible contributions to CHAI, POB 3341, Alexandria, VA 22302 or donate through our website.


On behalf of the animals, we thank you!



Yours for a more compassionate world,

Nina Natelson


CHAI - Concern for Helping Animals in Israel

PO Box 3341, Alexandria, VA 22302
Phone: 703-658-9650