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Since 1984, Concern for Helping Animals in Israel (CHAI) has been working to improve the lives of animals in Israel. Together with our Israeli sister charity, Hakol Chai, we are launching this new, and tremendously expanded, website.


CHAI ONLINE contains a wealth of in-depth information about issues related to animals, and it also highlights current projects, future plans, and past successes. Our goal is to continuously update and expand the material we present as a complete educational resource, both in English and Hebrew. In addition, we are planning a presentation of the entire site in Arabic.




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The CHAI ONLINE homepage. It features the latest information, along with links to areas within our site that we want to draw your attention to. Use the menu item Home to return to the homepage in any language.


About Us

The background and mission of CHAI and Hakol Chai, including a current letter from the Director. Here, you can also find another navigational system (Sitemap) that documents all the main topics on CHAI ONLINE as a list. To expand this outline, click items with a plus sign (+).



The Action Alerts are important timely initiatives we are asking you to participate in: sending email, making a call, writing a letter, or donating toward an emergency cause. You can sign up to receive email notification of these alerts. Our most recent Press Releases reflect current campaigns and initiatives.



CHAI and Hakol Chai have approached the challenge of preventing and reducing animal suffering in Israel with many concurrent initiatives. In this section, we highlight several of these projects and important issues.


Compassionate Living

An extensive presentation that describes the ideal of respect for and understanding of animals in the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian traditions, while demonstrating the current reality of limitless cruelty and exploitation that mankind practices. This section includes comprehensive discussions on food choices and factory farming, the sources of clothing, abuse in entertainment, and animal experimentation, among other related subjects. Additional material covers the situation in Israel: vivisection, legislation, and the environment. A special area dramatizes animal victims (Reality Check).


Humane Education

In-depth information about the courses and conferences for teachers developed and sponsored by CHAI. This section includes related articles, complete transcripts, and educational materials such as the Jewish Humane Education Kit, a curriculum for teaching compassion toward animals. Other CHAI projects include: the Arab & Jewish Children's Program, the Israel Campus for Compassionate Living, and the Conference on Animal Abuse and Human Aggression.


Companion Animals

Articles about the animals we choose to spend our lives with — our companions. You will find information about animals and their care, including over 40 Cat and Dog Health Factsheets, as well as information about preventing overpopulation and our Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic. In addition, CHAI's complete Shelter Management Training Manual is available for veterinarians and shelter caregivers, along with other important resources. Finally, we maintain our Memorials, Tributes, and Honors, celebrating those who help make our lives meaningful.


For Kids

A section that features photographs, artwork, and stories submitted by young people. As a developing unit, those who participate will define the character of these pages.



Items to buy that help support the work of CHAI and Hakol Chai. To protect your security and privacy, all financial transactions are processed through a secure server maintained by our webhost.


Contact Us

Information about how to write to us, sign up for our email alerts, join CHAI or Hakol Chai as a member, send someone a gift membership, or make a donation to help animals. You can also read about other ways to participate in helping Israel's animals.