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Articles by Our Staff









Some of the staff of Hakol Chai, CHAI's sister charity in Israel, have written articles about animal issues for Israeli newspapers.


The articles below are reprinted (in translation) courtesy of NRG, the online edition of Ma'ariv, Ynet, the online edition of Yedioth Ahronoth and Walla!, the Israeli portal. NRG articles © NRG, Ynet articles © Ynet, Walla! articles © Walla! 



Horse racing: the race to death is not a sport


The end of the race: Luck has run out for the horses too


Animal Rights? Letís Talk About It


The Cry of Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves


Long Hot Summer


Of Horses and Races


Cutting to the Chase


Running to Their Deaths


Under a Black Shadow


In Our Hands


Where the Dog is Tied


"Man in the Service of Animals"