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Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic: Supplies Needed





Clinic Overview

Medical Services: Clinic in Action

Supplies Needed

Report from Our Vet


This list was prepared by veterinarian Dr. Eric Dunayer, and it has been updated by Hakol Chai's veterinarian, Sarah Levine, VMD.


Perhaps your local vet would be willing to donate one or more items on the list. If you wish to purchase any of these items directly from a surgical supply house and contribute them, please call us first. It is possible that we can get some of these supplies discounted or second hand at a lower cost.


Read more about the first Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic in the Middle East.



Supplies needed Dollars

Suture material in packets, Dexon (size 2-0 @ $78/package of 25 individually wrapped sutures)
Also, any synthetic catgut

ongoing expense


ongoing expense

         Ketamine injection (10ml bottles @ $17.60/bottle)


         Acepromazine injection (50ml bottles @ $23.40/bottle)


         Xylazine (100mg/ml or 10mg/ml @ $22.30/bottle)


         Yohimbine (50ml bottles @ $78/bottle)


         Amoxicillin injection 15% (100ml bottles @ $14.50/bottle)


         Droncit injection ($10/bottle)


         Diazepam injection (1ml vials @ $20 for 25 vials)


         Isoflurane ($60/bottle for 2030 animals/bottle)


Surgery packs, reusable (enough to do nine sequential surgeries plus one extra @ $1,000 each) *


Rebreathing bag for anesthesia machine (0.5 & 1.0 liter sizes @ $20 each) 


Endotracheal tubes (2 of each size from 2.5 to 10, primarily 2.5 and 3)  


Respiratory monitor 


Anesthesia scavenger system 


Circulating water pump heating pad to maintain animals' body temperature during surgery


Replaceable pad (5 @ $70 each) 


Instrument tray 


Electric Scale 


Hair clippers (2 at $125 each) 


Cold sterilization trays (2 at $40 each) for use in minor procedures, such as a cat neuter, or to replace an instrument that is dropped


Gauze sponges (pack of 4,000) 


Sterile gloves (3 boxes, 50 gloves/box @ $20/box) 


Scalpel blades (primarily size #10 @ $25 per 100 — one new one per surgery)


Miscellaneous supplies (face masks, reusable surgical caps and gowns, syringes and needles, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, surgical scrub, cotton balls, gauze pads, disposable surgical drapes)


* Note: These surgery packs are German instruments manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and carrying a lifetime guarantee. Dr. Dunayer advised us that the lower quality, lower-priced steel instruments manufactured in Pakistan often fail or break.