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Other Animal Laws






Animal Protection

Animal Experimentation

Other Animal Laws




Several other Israeli laws refer to issues related to animals.


The Wildlife Protection Law, 1955

The purpose of this law is to protect species, rather than individual animals, but it does include some animal welfare provisions. For example, clause 5 bans hunting and catching wildlife with traps, snares and nets, and poisons. The Law and its regulations incorporate the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) treaty into Israeli legislation.


The Wildlife Protection Law (in Hebrew):

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Abstract of the Wildlife Protection Law (in English):

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For more information on protecting endangered fauna, see the website of Israelís Ministry of the Environment:

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The Rabies Ordinance, 1934

This outdated legislation allows municipal veterinarians in Israel to confiscate animals suspected of being rabid, to kill any animal that has bitten a human more than once, and to kill any stray dogs. It is under this Ordinance that strychnine is used to poison stray dogs in Israel. The Ordinance allows municipal and government officials free access to private premises.


The Rabies Ordinance (in Hebrew):

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The Rabies Ordinance (in English):

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Also see Rabies Regulations (Licensing and Vaccination) 1974

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The Animal Diseases Ordinance, 1985

This Ordinance covers many animal diseases and zoonoses (diseases contagious to people). It allows municipal and government veterinarians to kill infected animals and animals suspected of being infected. It allows these officials free access to private premises.


The Animal Diseases Ordinance (in Hebrew):

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The Animal Diseases Ordinance (in English):

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The Dog Regulation Law, 2002

This law regulates the conditions under which dogs in general, and dangerous dogs in particular, are to be kept. Among other provisions, the Law requires that every dog over 3 months old be licensed, and that all dogs be microchipped and vaccinated annually against rabies.


Clause 6 specifically allows municipal veterinarians to give dogs from pounds "to the security system" (the army, the police, and related agencies) or "to any other organization approved by the Ministry of Agriculture." This opens the door to pound seizure (giving or selling animals from pounds for experimentation).


The Dog Regulation Law (in Hebrew) is on the website of Israelís Ministry of Agriculture:

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