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Sponsor or Distribute These Ads








Also see our ads about these campaigns:

  In the Knesset, in the Supreme Court, and on the streets of Israel

  In Northern Israel during attacks by Hezbollah

  In Gaza and the West Bank during the disengagement




  You can sponsor these ads in your local or national newspaper or in a magazine.


For details, contact CHAI.


  You can distribute these ads as flyers or small posters


You can easily download and print a full-page version of these ads.

  1. Click any of the links below — help.pdf, help_horse.pdf, help_kitten.pdf, help_clinic.pdf — with your right mouse button (or Mac equivalent: click and hold).

  2. In the menu that opens, click Save Target As (Internet Explorer) or Save Link As (Netscape). (Do not click Print Target.)

  3. Save the files to a convenient location on your computer.






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