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Story by Mira Sutton (Israel)




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Dear diary,


I had a really weird day today.

All day long I felt like someone is looking at me, staring at me all the time but I couldn't understand who and why.

Then, during English class, I peeped through the window and I saw those two big eyes that were watching me. They were bright blue eyes.

They had that look that tells you that you are the only one that can help them and they were scared, those eyes were scared and all I wanted is to help them.

After the lesson ended I ran outside to search for those eyes. I can even say that I scanned the school yard, all of it.

In the end I found those eyes, in the corner. When I tried to get near them, they ran away. I was confused, I thought that they wanted me to help them but they didn't want me to go near them.

I decided to do anything that I can to help those eyes. I wanted them to stop being so scared. I wanted them to be normal, happy.

They were so young but the way that they were gazing at me was an old look, tired and sad.

So I took those eyes with me home.

The name that I gave them was soul.

They belong to a female, white female cat and she became my soul.

I don't know what happened to those blue eyes before we met, but now, they've changed.

Now, when they glance at me, they are young again.


So, as a good ending needs, I wanted to say to you, diary, that now I understand that when you see a pair of eyes that need you, you should help them because after that, they will be your eyes, your soul and that is the best feeling ever.

To everyone that sees those eyes every day, try once to really see them and you won't regret.

There are a lot of different eyes and they are everywhere. Big or small, blue or brown and they can belong to a cat or a dog or any other animal but the one thing that they have in common is that they all need us.

If we won't help them, we won't be able to help each other.