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Matthew Baratta (USA) wrote this letter for his Temple




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"Use me, G-d. Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do, and use it for a purpose greater than myself."


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Dear Friends,


My name is Matthew Baratta and I will become a Bar Mitzvah on May 10, 2008. For my Tzedakah project I am hoping to raise money for a cause I believe very strongly in. The organization is called “Chai” and it stands for “Concern for Helping Animals in Israel”. The mission of CHAI and Hakol Chai is to prevent and relieve animal suffering in Israel and to elevate consciousness about animals through education. Chai strives to foster empathy, respect, and responsibility toward all living beings, and to inspire and empower people to recognize the interconnectedness of all life and to make compassionate choices for the good of all.


Israel currently has a tremendous stray cat and dog overpopulation because of a lack of spaying and neutering education and facilities to carry these procedures out. The few small animal shelters receive little or no municipal or national government support and survive only on donations made by caring citizens. Medicine and supplies are costly because they must be imported. When people are evacuated from their homes in Israel, Chai and its sister charity Hakol Chai are on hand with mobile clinics, veterinarians, staff and volunteers rescuing the animals that get left behind. These people work in dangerous conditions, night after night, to help these animals providing food, water, medical help and shelter. They also work to reunite animals with their families or find new, loving homes for them in Israel or in the United States.


Attached to this letter to you, is a brochure, directly from Chai, detailing more about the organization and some of it’s accomplishments since its inception in 1984. There is also information regarding education, its mobile spay and neuter clinic and its campaign to protect horses. There is so much more information on the website and I encourage each of you to take some time to read it. It is not all easy but it is important. Please visit www.chai-online.org to learn more.


Also attached to my letter and the brochure is a self-addressed stamped envelope to my attention. I would appreciate it if you would use it to make a contribution to this very important organization. I will be forwarding all checks to Nina Natelson, Director, Chai and President, Board of Hakol Chai in Alexandria, Virginia. She has promised that for all donations made, she will prepare an individual letter to be used for tax purposes to each contributor. There are other ways to contribute which you will find on the website. In addition to raising money for Chai, I am also collecting supplies from local veterinarians that will be shipped to Israel via Nina.


Thank you in advance for your generous contribution. As an animal lover it means so much to me to try to end the suffering of any animal. I hope you feel the same way and will help Chai help the animals in need.



Matthew Baratta