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Letter from Melanie Patish (USA)




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Melanie, Saba, and Laddie


Hi, my name is Melanie Patish and I am 12 years old and I have chosen to donate a portion of my Bat-Mitzvah money to the CHAI Animals organization. I have always loved animals very much and I wanted to incorporate animals and Israel into one mitzvah project. That is why I chose CHAI Animals over everywhere else. I do not believe that animals should suffer at the hands of humans; animals are living breathing beings, put on this earth by G-d and should be treated with dignity and respect.


The animals in my home have all been adopted from the SPCA; I have two cats, Oscar and Saba, and one dog, Laddie. For many years my mom would "suggest" that instead of birthday presents I choose an organization to have my guests donate to. I have chosen the SPCA for several years; my guests brought dog and cat food to the party and then I took it to the SPCA. My family has also made it a tradition to purchase Hanukkah gifts for local animal shelters every year.


I am hoping that my guests at my Bat-Mitzvah will become more knowledgeable of your organization and give generously to help save the lives of animals in Israel and help educate people of how important and beautiful animals are.