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Letter from Sarah Nezon  (Canada)




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My name is Sarah Nezon and I live in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. In March 2008 I will be celebrating my bat mitzvah. In honor of this celebration I have decided to donate a portion of my gifts to charity. I figured that it would be most meaningful for me to donate to a cause that I could relate to. Since I am an animal lover and I have my own dog, I went researching about different organizations that help animals. As I was searching I came across Hakol Chai and fell in love. I think that what you are doing is so amazing and I want to get involved. I have picked your organization to support, and I think that it is great that I can somehow help animals in Israel even though I live in Canada.

With my dog Gus




Gus as a puppy



As my donation I will be donating a portion of my gifts that I receive to your organization, but since I found it so fascinating, I wanted to raise more money to support this worthy cause. Together with the help of my mom, I am baking homemade dog biscuits and selling them at local vet clinics, for two dollars a bag. All proceeds go to Hakol Chai. In addition, I will be putting out a donation box at the vet clinics for spare change. Hopefully this will help to raise awareness about animal abuse. I was hoping that maybe if you have any form of brochure or literature that I could put out with the display of cookies I could include it so that people can learn more about the organization.



With my brother Josh and sister Rebecca