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— Corey  

Have you thought about the connection between caring for the environment and caring for animals?


For example, when new developments are constructed or roads built, many species of animals are often threatened with losing their habitat, their home. And when our rivers are polluted, fish and other marine life suffer terribly. Did you know that most household products and agricultural and other chemicals are first checked for safety in painful tests on animals?


And just as animals are a part of nature that we are responsible to protect, so is the environment. Have you ever thought about what happens to all of the garbage that is thrown away in a small country like Israel, and how the chemicals that are released pollute our water, our soil, and the air we breathe? Or how raising cows and chickens for people to eat causes irreversible damage to our land? Have you ever stopped and thought about how much water you use when you take a shower or, especially, a bath, how many trees are cut down to produce books, magazines, and newspapers, and how many of the earth's materials are used to make clothing? Did you ever wonder whether we really need so much stuff in our lives?