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Article by Dani  (U.S.)




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Dear CHAI,




Dani (left) with her sister Eva and Bella

Hi, my name is Dani and I am 11 years old. In the winter I was lucky to have been able to adopt one of my dogs Bella. It has been a wonderful pleasure having her as part of my family.


When I saw that CHAI was bringing some of the dogs to the temple my sister and I begged our parents to go. When we got there I wanted to pick up all of the dogs and say "Iíll take them all" but unfortunately my parents didnít really want another dog. After a lot of begging we got them to think about it. They said yes! After the pretty long process we got her and named her Bella.


Pretty soon my birthday rolled along. Every year at my party I ask for something other then presents. This past year, I asked for donations for the animals at CHAI. With everyoneís help we raised around $600.


Dani Glick




Bella was rescued in northern Israel during the war with Lebanon. She was one of 39 dogs brought by CHAI to the U.S. to find homes here.
To find out about CHAI and Hakol Chai's campaign to rescue animals in northern Israel during the war with Lebanon, see
Rescue in Northern Israel.


Bella with Dani's sister Eva