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Article by Blake  (U.S.)




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Blake and Sweetie

One act of kindness changed my life when my family & I adopted a shelter dog in the spring of 2000. Now seven years later Sweetie is an integral part of our family. She is a caramel color with velvet ears who loves frosty paws—the frozen treats for dogs. This is where my journey began in my desire to do good with animals. "One dog at a time" make a difference—everyone needs a home, shelter and food.


As part of my commitment as a Bar Mitzvah I am honored to contribute the gifts of money I receive to CHAI—Concern for Helping Animals in Israel. This organization helps animals in Israel who have been separated from their owners by reuniting them with their families or finding them new homes. Hakol Chai is the sister charity that works in highly dangerous conditions in Israel to rescue abandoned animals giving them food water and shelter.


In July of 2006—working through the night to avoid the danger of rocket fire, Hakol Chai rushed four tons of food and hundreds of plastic water containers to Northern Israel where volunteers immediately began the process of distributing food & water to the animals in need throughout the region. Starving & dehydrated, injured and lost, running in panic from the explosions of rockets these animals were left behind believing their owners—who wanted to return—actually would. Puppies rescued in the war between Israel & Hezbollah were brought to the United States. They just celebrated their 1st anniversary in their new world.